…The Island of Giant Rocks…

It was mid afternoon when we  landed in Belitung, an Island  located next to Sumatra,  Indonesia. The island is famous for its clear blue sky, its white sand and the big rocks  that differentiate Belitung from  any other island in Indonesia.

The minute we arrive at the  airport we were welcomed with beautiful clouds that are set across the sky and at that very moment we are assured that this island is a magnificent holiday destination.

It was 4.30 pm by the time we are done with our baggage claim, we hurried to meet up with the driver and the car that we’ve rented a few weeks earlier then we go straight directly to our hotel. It’s called “Bunga Pantai”, it’s a small hotel with only 10 rooms but it’s quite nice with a beach view and a reasonable price. Since it was a really small hotel, they treat us like kings. We can ask for anything and they will do it for us. after an hour of unpacking, we decided to try on their local food. So we ask our driver to drive us around the main street and look for souvenirs and local food.

actually we’ve done our homework a few weeks earlier, we’ve googled all of the excitement and the culinary that Belitung has to offer. We have printed out our very own itinerary. We have planned that our first day at belitung will just be side seeing around the city and souvenirs for our love ones. So our first culinary destination was the famous Belitung noodle called ” Mie Belitung Atep “. It is located on the main street. Aside from this dish we ordered Belitung’s famous drink it’s called “es jeruk kunci”. It’s a type of orange that grows well on that island. It tastes sour but we loved it so we ask for more of the oranges on each glass. After our delicious meal we walked on the main road to feel the warm weather and tastes the lil bit of Belitung atmosphere. We made quick stops at every small shops and the markets to buy souvenirs and Belitung famous crackers. We are able to bargain at some of the shops but not at the others just because they know that we are tourists. Anyhow it was fun to walk under sparkling lights of Belitung island. After walking around the main road for about an hour or two, we decided to go the beach and just sit, drink and enjoy the full moon of Belitung island. It was funny while we were sitting at the beach, we can’t see the full moon because it was at the back our head. So we just sit there and chat for about an hour until the moon was quite high up above our head. After a view cans of beers and two bags of chips and crackers we’re starting to get hungry and craved for some local seafood. So  we ask the driver to take us to restaurant called “Pandan Laut”. We ordered two kinds crabs, one big grilled fish, large prawns and vegetable. it tasted delicious and we only spent about 350.000 IDR or about 35 USD. it was cheap compared to seafood in Jakarta. The only thing that disappoint us was that it took them about half an hour to take our order and another half an hour until the food was on the table. Well apparently after 4 days In Belitung we’ve learned that this isn’t the only restaurant that take ages to served their food. Maybe it’s kind of their thing hahaha…!!! Well back to the story, On our way out from the restaurant we captured an unusual thing that we’ve only seen it in Belitung. It was a high chair made of wood with a big tree was place in the middle of it and a diagonal backrest. After 15 minutes of laying around we are ready to go back to the hotel and “recharge our battery” because we know tomorrow will be a long beautiful day.

It took us about an hour to get ready the next morning. We prepared our swim suits and goggles and everything else, we didn’t even have time to have breakfast just a view crackers and a cup of tea but we was really excited to spent the whole day under the blue sky and a taste of the blue ocean. After half an hour of driving, we arrive at the beach, we decided to rent a small boat and snorkeling equipments for one whole day and spent around 90 USD for everything. there was 7 of us by the way so yeah it was quite cheap and off we go…!!! the weather was high in humidity and it was a hot sunny day but that what makes it all perfect!!! we planned to do “island hopping” to stop at 10 islands but in the end we only managed to stop and enjoy 5 islands. The first island was a small island with an unknown name but it has a  magnificent view of the sky, the shimmering ocean and humongous rocks. We were astonished by how big it was and it’s there with different shapes as if someone has put it right there with a perfect angle that in the end it will defines a perfect view for the eye. The sand color was light cream, as if no one has ever been to the island. We saw a lot of starfish and dead shells with tons of colors and different shapes. I found a view big ones and bring it home with me, some of them has been broken because of the waves but some of it was still perfect. After a quick stops and tons of pictures taken we went on to a bigger island, called Lenkuas Island. They told us that this island is the furthest island on the west side of Belitung. There was a big lighthouse with 18th floor up on that Island. It was build by the dutch on 1882 when they invaded Indonesia. It was so beautiful in its on way. It has this kind of spooky dramatic feeling that makes us wants to know about the island even more. We went snorkle a view hundred meters from the island. It doesn’t have too many fishes but it is enough to reminds you how awesome God is with His creations. I saw this one fish with greenish bluish color with a yellow tail but it has a different kind of fin with a hint of red on it fins. Then I saw another fish 3 colors of dark blue to light green with one black silver stripes on its body. then there’s another kind of fish with pink and gold covering its whole body. It was astonishingly beautiful. Other than that the ocean has beautiful corals with different shapes and colors. It just makes you wonder how on earth God can think of creating all of this in 7 days. LOL!

After a view hours at Lengkuas, we went on to Babi island and just enjoy the shimmering blue water then we went on to gandur island to find for more sea shells and just lay around and have drinks. Then last but not least we went to an island next to Babi island that has big rocks on one side and coconut tree jungle on the other side of the island, it’s a small island but it has a great view of sunset. When we arrive there, we met about 20 professional photographers ready to capture the sunset with their cameras. After the whole day under the sun, we decided to enjoy another local seafood next to our hotel. The restaurant is famous for its tenggiri fish, but it was out so we order another local dish called Gangan, it’s a curry soup with Fish head in it. It’s spicy but it tastes good. Well that’s how we spent our second day in Belitung.

The next morning we planned to tour around Belitung. We went to east Belitung to a city called Manggar. It’s famous for its small coffee shops. We was told that the local people in Belitung likes to hang out in coffee shops and there is where people exchanges news and get to know each other. The news at the coffee shops travels faster than buying local newspaper. Well that was what I was told of. After an hour of sipping local coffee we planned to go to see the waterfalls but it got cancelled because it was raining the whole day in Belitung and the road to reach there is slippery. The sky was gloomy and it affects the scenery but it doesn’t affect our mood. We got to know Belitung better because of the rain. We went to see a temple,one of the biggest in Belitung. We sat there for about half an hour then we went to a beach in Tanjung Tinggi. That place used to be a movie set 2 years ago. In fact Belitung got famous this pass view years because of this movie. The beach was quite packed and we decided not to swim because it’s too crowded but anywhow the water is still clear and shiny. It’s still beautiful like a natural swimming pool. We had another seafood dinner near the beach. it was the most delicious meal we had since we arrived on that island. That was our last night in Belitung, we were sad and happy at the same time. On our way back to the hotel we went to the China town of Belitung and found a cart that sell pork noodles. it tastes delicious!!!  We took the liberty to take a picture with the cook and his cart so next time we’re able to find him again. LOL!!! Well that was the last thing we’ve done that night coz the next morning we planned to go to their fresh market to buy their famous kunci orange and grilled pork and bring it home to Jakarta.

It was a great fun, and now after a few days back in Jakarta, all of us still thinks that 4 days in Belitung is just not enough, we plan to go back and enjoy Belitung one more time…!!! The island of Giant Rocks…!!! The island of  “Laskar Pelangi”.


“… It’s all about the journey…”

“Get ready…Get Set… and go!!!” The three sentences that’s very familiar to this one particular activity, running. As a child we run around our backyard as we play tag, as we grow up some of us choose to be a professional track and field athlete, where some of us do run in our everyday life.. whether because we were late to a meeting, we’re living a healthy life or just running away from something. It sounds like an easy thing to do since we’ve been doing it all the time. All you have to do is put on your shoes and put one foot in front of the other, and pssshhhh you’ll run like the wind. but the truth is … it’s not as simple as that.

Track and field itself are divided in so many categories such as: Sprints, middle distance, long distance, hurdles and relays. And to be able to do all this we need lots of practice and discipline. There are even tips on how to run in a right way so our mind and body can keep up with the distance we are trying to make. Some people say that the first two miles was the hardest but after that you will be just fine. But what happens when you have to run for 10 miles and on your second mile your mind is telling your body to stop because your aching or you can’t breath. So yes it’s not just physical training but we have to be mentally trained.

Living a healthy life is very important. Aside from doing exercise can make you healthy, running reduce stress level because when you run it will activate your hormone called endorphin that can makes you happy. As for me, I love sport. I have been doing basketball since I was on fifth grade but never start running on a track until I was in college. It wasn’t easy to run a mile at first, but I practice so many times and today after 6 years it is one of my favourite sport. I just love that satisfying feeling when I’m able to finish my target.

Yesterday me and a couple of my friends went for a 6.2 miles race to celebrate World Heart Day 2010. It was fun, it was satisfying and at the same time it was exhausting. I never done it before the furthest I’ve done was 4 miles. The thought that I have to run through all that was unbearable, the first three miles was fine for me but after that my knees starts aching and my head keep on telling me to stop. It took me about an hour and 15 minutes to get to the finish line. I was a little bit upset because I know I can do better. All day long I can’t stop thinking about it. Hey I ran for 6 miles and I get to finish it and at the end of the day I start to think about this race in a deeper way. I start to compare it to the journey of life.

For me life is like a race and we are His athletes, it start on the day we were born. It is a well planned journey with purpose designed by God. It is full of ups and downs, obstacles and choices to make, that in the end it will define us. Just like in a race, at times in life we feel like giving up, we feel sick of it and feel like ending it right away. But don’t be afraid because we can do everything through Christ who strengthens us. We should  keep on running our race, held our head up towards the finish line and training our bodies accordingly; and pray – putting our hope on Him. Because it’s not the end that counts but the journey towards the end what’s makes us stronger. in the end Keep on running and don’t ever stop. 🙂

1 Corinthians 9:25-27
“All athletes are disciplined in their training. They do it to win a prize that will fade away, but we do it for an eternal prize. So I run with purpose in every step. I am not just shadowboxing. I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should. Otherwise, I fear that after preaching to others I myself might be disqualified.”

…Says The Clock…

Tick tock tick tock
Says the clock
And there I am
Looking back!
Feeling scared!

Tick tock tick tock
Says the clock
And there I am
Walk’n on my path
Waiting for you to say stop

Tick tock tick tock
It just going faster doesn’t it?
And there I am
Still thinking … wondering … In my own nightmare

Tick tock tick tock
Oh how I wish the clock would stop
So I can ask u one question
Am I wasting my time?

what they say about “…Life after 25…”

Waitress: ” so are you ready to order miss ?”
Table 25: ” yeah…I think I’m going to order…..a few things….”
Waitress: ”  whenever you’re ready…”
Table 25: ” okay I would like to have one ring on my finger…. a man to spend the
rest of my life with…and maybe a couple of kids 9 months later…”
Waitress: ” that’s all…?”
Table 25: ” yup that’s all for me…thanks”

Have you ever heard this kind of conversations before? well I have…
It seems like age 25 is the “deadline” for any single ladies to get on to this “new phase” of life…well maybe not all ladies…but a lot of them do…

img_0363 a few weeks ago…I was having a random chat with a friend of mine…she was telling me that she’s done being single…she was so depressed because apparently one of our friend decided to get married very soon even though she just met the guy for 3 months…and when I ask her why she wants to hurry thing up…she said….” well…it’s time and since the offer is still open…so why not…?”
I was SHOCKED…I mean what kind of reason is that ?? well I thought marriage is suppose to be sacred….it’s a Life commitment and you do it when you are sure you have met the only person you want to spend the rest of your life with….but Oh well…I guess Life is just so mess up these days…

These conversations stuck in my head for quite sometime and it brings out my curiosity that leads me to a bigger question about life…I mean is that it? isn’t there any other things life has to offer? that’s when I started to ask Questions like ” what do you have in mind when you reach 25 ?” to a few of single ladies I know…some of them said my career is the most important thing…I want to be successful…etc. But most of them said that by the time they reach 25….they have to be successful, married to someone and have kids….wow…life is PERFECT just like in the movie…don’t you think? well lets face it life is FAR from PERFECT…but it doesn’t mean that we should just give in and give up!!

Look…I don’t know about you…but I believe in God…and I believe that God created us with a higher purpose. A purpose for us to succeed in whatever we do, to be a winner in this race…the race of life….The truth is there’s a lot of things life has to offer and it is just too ‘damn’ bad to miss it!! that’s why we need get off our self pity gloomy days with no regrets and stay focus on the target…find it…grab it….Live your life to the fullest !!

Hello world!

Hi everyone…welcome to my blog…feel free to read… write… and explore…but first let me tell you a little secret…English is my second language…so pardon me if there’s any bits of error here and there…enjoy…!!